Provisional Igor-FATCA Schema for UK IGA reporting

Igor will shortly be allowing registration and reporting so that FIs can meet their obligations under the UK IGA, whether that is ‘standard’ reporting or reporting under the Alternate Reporting Regime (ARR).

In preparation, we are publishing a provisional document describing the XML schema which will be used for UK IGA reporting via Igor. You can read the document and download the schema XSD files via the links below:

The XML schema for UK IGA reporting via Igor is almost identical to the IRS FATCA XML schema v1.1. It has been necessary to extend the IRS schema slightly to accommodate the Alternate Reporting Regime. For FIs which are not offering ARR, the reporting format and semantics are identical to the IRS FATCA schema.

This document is provisional, pending receiving feedback on the schema from FIs. We expect to finalise this document after 21 September, after which the first UK reporting features will be introduced into Igor.

Please address any queries or feedback on this document to the forum.

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